Monday, November 12, 2018

Making money from real estate in Nigeria 2019

Making money from real estate is seen as daunting, typically because it’s capital intensive. Well, in this post I’m going to tell you how you can make money with real estate in Nigeria without investing a dime. We will be looking at affiliate marketing for real estate products through Noblegrounds. Okay, let’s dive in.

I choose Noblegrounds as our case study today because they offer a very juicy and transparent commission: that’s 10% of what you sell. The commission is just the first bit; Their properties are also super-affordable. So, it’s easy to sell to a lot of average income earners. In this article, I’ll be talking about their Pleasant hills estate, Melegun, Makun; as that is the particular property that I sell, and I’ve made tons of referral commissions. You have the option to buy the land only, which goes for 1.4M(350SqM Plt Size), 1.6M(450SqM Plt Size) and 1.8M(550SqM Plt Size). Don’t have the lump sum? No problem, you can mortgage any of the plans from =N=39,000 per month for 36 months. Now that is what I call affordable real estate. Now let’s talk about how you make money as a seller.
How You make money from Nobleground’s real estate properties
Firstly, you’d need to head here to register as a partner. Once you’ve filled all your details and submitted, you can start promoting their affordable properties, particularly pleasant hills estate because of its super flexible pricing.
After you get any leads or potential customers, you’d head on to this link and register them. The registration will tie your partner account to that particular lead. Once your lead makes a payment, Noblegrounds will pay you your commission the following day, Yes, you heard me right, the next morning!
I’m sure you’re wondering about the instalment payment; that’s not an issue, your commissions on any lead/client paying in instalments are paid to you every month, or everytime that lead pays. You can easily track all payments by asking Nobleground’s support for your commission schedule or report.
I make passive income generating leads and sales for Noblegrounds, and they haven’t ever skipped a payment or delayed it. So, I highly recommend using this strategy to create passive income for yourself.
People you recommend will get very affordable land in Nigeria at a super discounted rate, and you will earn a 10% commission off the sale.
For more information visit their website

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