Sunday, November 11, 2018

10 Real estate companies that offer Affordable properties in Nigeria 2018

Real estate in Nigeria has always been a high yield investment opportunity, Because of the way it rapidly appreciates. Most people fail to own property because they stall. Why do they delay? Well, it’s because they hope to own an expensive upscale property, however, What they fail to realise is that the longer they stall, the more the properties appreciate. Do not get me wrong; it’s not a bad idea to want to live in an upscale neighbourhood. But, it’s best always to buy properties that you can afford per time. Like the old saying goes “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Today, I’ll talk about 10 real estate agencies that offer affordable land in Nigeria. This post was researched thoroughly to give you an unbiased view.

Noblegrounds in a real estate company in Allen, Lagos. They are my personal favourite, as they sell affordable land and houses. Another good thing is that they accept a mortgage-type of payment; where you can pay for a property over 1–3 years. Unlike most real estate agencies, they do not ask for a mandatory lumpsum down-payment.
Check them out here.
They are a real estate agency in Lagos, Nigeria. They also offer budget friendly-properties, although their prices fluctuate at times, it’s still an all-round good agency. 
They are a good real estate company. They help to sell other peoples properties most times: acting as a mediator. Their services extend to assets in marine, rail, and aviation industry. Aside from this, they also offer advisory services as well as lease and sell properties.
They have a flair for luxury apartments, homes and offices. They cater to a high-end clientele. They still try to keep their pricing competitive within places like Ikoyi and the Victoria Island. Generally, they are involved in property development and marketing as well as sales of real estate products.
This company focuses on identifying real estate opportunities and conducting designs, feasibility analysis and project management.
Their office is located in the Lekki Peninsula of Lagos and offers most of its services in the Ikoyi and Victory Island part of Lagos. They are mostly into property development and consultation services.
This company is also a useful property listing agency. They have listings in Ogun and Ibadan; their offices are situated there too.
This real estate agency own a blog that discusses happenings in the industry. They have offices in Lagos, Nigeria and offer consulting services.
This is another fine real estate agency. They provide various real estate services and have pocket-friendly plans too.
They are also an outstanding real estate agency; they appeal to many low income and middle-income earners due to their flexible payment system. They offer most of their services in Abuja and Lagos state.
I got this list of 10 affordable real estate companies from general user feedback and personal interactions with some of them. It’s safe doing business with them, however, be sure to read their fine print before signing any agreements. Some of them offer incentives/ commisions for closing sales on their behalf. Most within 5%-8%, Noblegrounds, however, offers 10%-15% commission per successful transaction. This commision is good for people who want to make money from real estate in Nigeria. Till we meet again, Bye.

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