Monday, July 9, 2018

Reasons why your business needs good customer service #mondaymotivation

Very few company's are exempted from this bandwagon of terrible customer service
In this part of the world we are still struggling to get it right in that space however, what people fail to understand is the severe implication of poor customer service can lead to a down turn in business.

Big, small and medium brands need to take that part of their business seriously.

A business that as great customer service relation tend to have more customers as they would most like get carried away with the way they are been made to feel relaxed, respected and listened to.

It's that bad that most business owners give maximum attention to bigger client neglecting the small ones without realising that the small client if treated well have friends , family, colleagues , church members, bosses who they could refer your product or service to that would add significant value to your business.

Here's a short tale of my experience with my fashion designer, I call a style for her she makes what she likes or perceives as good for me , then I get really upset and rant on how that wasn't what I asked for in short I'm no longer interested in doing business with her

Guess what! she took all that rant in  and tried to savage my relationship with her first by  going to get a new fabric to make it right this time

At that point, I'm like  she does really understand how to keep a business relationship going.

More of the Story: She understood the importance of customer client relation.

Your business would grow as fast as possible in no time if you have a good customer relation.

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