Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How to get a lot done in little time - Kayla

Hey guys, excited already about the next half of this year!
Don't be too hard on yourself if at this time you've not been able to get so much done on your task for 2018.

However it's important to celebrate your small wins while working on the big ones. 
Time to bring your  A game on as you can still achieve much more before the end of the year if you put your mind to it.
Here are some practical steps that worked for me let's just say a few tip off for you.

•Remove factors causing dissatisfaction

Identify and eliminate distractions, as distraction can come in various forms  diverting your time and attention  from important tasks, and it's so easy to get caught up in that circle.
Create time for everything and sticking with it would definitely move you faster to your goal, don't spend all your time on social media when you still have a lot undone

•Make use of a Task App
So this is really exciting for me to share before now, I literally use to just put down my  "to do list" on a sheet of paper or sometimes "Mentally" but  my boss introduced me to a task app and and told me the benefits so I gave it a try.
Using a task app is pretty easy and amazing, it's helps you manage and monitor your project, it gives you reminders every down and then, trust me nothing is as inconveniencing as getting reminders of things yet to be done ..  

•Read up on something 
Make it a habit to always read up on short articles about your project, this helps you see things from a different perspective and also find people who have done same because there's always one or two lessons to learn from them.

•Begin with the small task
It can really get scary when you see your task list, that feeling of how expensive or time consuming it can get is definitely one feeling that gets me so anxious, so I'd advice you begin with the small and less expensive task that way you can really feel you have started and completed a task, you feel inspired and ready to take on the big ones.

•Find Avenues to Network
The more people know about you, the chances of them getting to know about what you do, so seize the moment and meet new people, indulge in new conversations and just enjoy a breath of fresh.

•Who and What you Listen to Matters
In getting into your set goals, what and who you listen to can help or devalue you, make sure your listening to the right voice to help you in achieving more.

•Take out time to pray

In this part of the world we are term "religious" well let's not go deep into all that.
Commit all you have to do into the hands of a super power, just a simple prayer can go along way so make it be a part of your routine.

•Unwind is healthy
Don't get too busy to the point of  burning out, know when and how to take breaks at intervals to unwind with friends, gaming, resting ,and exercising or whatever helps you unwind is a good one.

This is really how I have gotten a lot done for myself this past months, I hope this works for you.                          
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