Monday, March 19, 2018

How to turn your Business into a Brand

Some of the known brands we see and admire today didn't just jump into existence there were baby steps taken before growing into what we can relate with so Building your business into a Brand is tough but achievable  all you need to do is to be deliberate about it.

1. Be deliberate about  how your brand should be perceived  in the next 5years in any  case I'd advise you  pen down a 5year plan and work towards putting systems in place to actualise it

2. carve a niche for your brand
Just because A is successfull at doing a particular thing doesn't mean you would .. So carve a niche for your brand stick to it that way with time people would notice your brand and recognize your brand whenever they see it.

3. Strike up exciting conversation with people and just before you bid them farewell  tell them about your brand because anyone you meet  are your potential clients so if you don't tell them about your brand no one will :

4. Get excited when talking about your brand  and the values your potential clients have to benefit from :

5. Think of every stranger as a potential client so you know what that means you must cultivate the habit of networking with people and getting them to follow  you on your  social media page that way it's easy for them to keep up with your brand activities online...


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