Saturday, February 10, 2018

Must Read: A woman is incomplete without marriage –Actress, Uchenna Uba

Nollywood Actress Uchenna Uba who started acting professionally in the year 2010, is one of the beautiful faces in the industry and she is as well a movie producer. The Anambra indigene has said a woman is incomplete without marriage.

She made this statement in an interview and also maintained that she is not married yet but in a serious relationship

The actress was asked about her opinion of the general saying that women are incomplete without marriage. She responded saying:

I’m an Igbo girl and with the way I was brought up, I agree that a woman is incomplete without marriage. Regardless of how much a woman makes or her level of success, she is incomplete without a husband, but that does not mean a woman has to rush into marriage because of this.

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