Saturday, June 17, 2017

Nigerian Guys that Slayed at African Royalty Themed Isoken Premiere.

Highlights from the highly anticipated  Exclusive Movie Premiere 'Isoken'.
The romantic and comedy movie had it's private screening which was a star-studded moment on the red carpet as the Male Celebrities slayed and left us with something to talk about last weekend at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island on Sunday, June 11, 2017.
The movie which is now open in cinemas features stars like Funke Akindele, Joseph Benjamin,Patrick Doyle, Tina Mba and many others.

                          Tosin Odunfa
Ebonylife TV star, made a fashion statement as he dazzled in this traditional Red Aso Oke Agbada and Cap with a blend of traditional beads round the neck and he complimented the whole outfit with a Sandals. He looks  absolutely stylish on the red carpet we just couldn't help but talk about this look.
 So guys, you definitely want to take a tip from Tosin Odunfa.

Friday, June 16, 2017

What you need to know about JayZ Speech at the 48th Annual Songwriter Hall Of Fame..

Stepping in for Jayz to give his acceptance speech is his close friend of over 20years, Jon Platt who is the CEO of Warner/Chappell  music publishing during the 48th annual Songwriter Hall of Fame which was held at Marriott Marquis in New York City, Thursday 15th June.

Read Speech Below,

If this was a hip-hop room — to get that introduction and people are expecting to see Jay, and they see Jon Platt walk out here? [Laughter]

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Famous Author Chimamanda becomes first Nigerian to receive the Mary McCarthy Award.

Nigerian author and feminist Chimamanda Adichie still making us proud as she recently becomes the first Nigerian to receive the revered Mary Mccarthy Award,New York.
For her work as a writer and prominent public awareness on social issues. 

The McCarthy award which is was named after famous novelist Mary McCarthy who taught at Bard College for a year, acknowledges intellectual, artist, or writersomething as the case may be. 

The recipient of the Mary McCarthy Award  Prize in short fiction includes a $2,000 cash award, publication of a collection of short stories or novella and a standard royalty contract.

Why I'll never do 'Doggy Style' with John Legend - Chrissie Teigen.

31- year old Mother of two,Model and wife of John Legend, Chrissie Teigen in a  latest issue of Marie Magazine where she was featured in
Revealed her reason for not engaging in doggy Sex life style with John and expanding her family. 

In her exact words,

Read why APC will Exist for the next 200 Years - Okoi Obono -Obla

Okoi Obono-Obla who is the Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on prosecution said the APC would be around and alive for the next 200 years. 
He made this known during a speaking at the official presentation of a book by the party's national chairman John Odigie Oyegun which was titled, 
"APC The Making Of a Change Agent".

According to him

"I said in the next 200 years APC will be alive. Yes, why not? Because we have done very well and we are going to remain in power for as long as we continue to do well, we believe Nigerian people will always vote for us.

"A Day In Kayla's Life" 3 Things I Say #NO.

I have observed so many people are the Yes Yes kind of people, they find it hard to say #NO to certain things people throw at them, that makes them uncomfortable, which is relatively understandable because they are accommodating .

On the flip side, I am expressive, because my happiness  is key but i've learned to stay true to myself.
Being Me, helps me stay focused  and decisive.
This way, I  know when to say a Capital NO.
So, I employ you folks ' Do You' always and people will learn to respect what your #NO stands for.

1. I Say #NO to Unsolicited Advisers:
You know how people feel they can open their mouth and give Unsolicited Advice. 
The problem I have with these Advisers is they need to get to know the person better before advicing, know when to and how to or better still shut the *f**k up.

You don't know the person's struggle or pain and you just open your mouth wide to talk because you want to talk.
E.g, You see a fat person and you give a certain look and say to them "YOU Are Too Fat o" do something about it before your spouse runs away.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How To Make a Nigerian JOLLOF RICE - Heaven Kalu.

Hey Guys, let's do food today!!
There has been this controversy about Nigerian Jollof Rice vs Ghanian Jullof Rice. In my opinion, Nigerian Jollof is the best, taste so good.
Everyone looks forward to having a taste of Nigerian Jollof Rice in Occasions.


Pepper (optional)
Chicken or meat stock
Cooking Seasoning
Cooking spice
Groundnut oil
Green peas (vegetables)
Tomato puree

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What No One Tells You About Taking Diatary Suppliments - Pharm Rozai Onyeka.

Dietary supplement as they are called gives us those nutrients which we don't  get from the food we eat. 
Usually when one eat a well balanced diet, it supplies one with all the nutrients and vitamins one needs, if only its in the adequate amount. 
But then, how many of us eat  a well porportioned  balance diet three times daily, 365days a year? Not so many of us do.
1. They supply u with all the vitamins and minerals your body need to have a strong immunity which prevents one from falling sick.

2. They are organ protective; some supplements contains ingredients that work majorly on a particular organ and protect it. for instance Omega 3 and Garlic supplements are taken for the heart, while beet supplements are liver protectors, glucosamine and chronditin work on the joints and muscles.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Top 5 Nigerian TV Celebrity Bachelors.

1. Denrele Edun
Controversial Tv  Host, who best describes himself as born without a stop button, says he stalks into a room and your jaw literally drops.

I totally agree with him on that.
The  Eccentric Tv Host, dancer and fashion icon has an interesting personality that gets you easily thrilled and has won 58 Awards for himself. .
Not trying to be anyone else but himself, he  does it  with zero effort on TV or in person. And that's  one unique quality that makes up his personality..
He is definitely one celebrity we would love to see get married.

2. Tosin Odunfa
The warm ebullient TV presenter famous for anchoring high-profile events and his warm delivery on Ebonylife TV's VVIP Events show is known to be eloquent, intelligent, fun , funny and engaging.

As it turns out, the multimedia presenter is also a  British Council Innovation 360 award winner and AGCO Africa Ambassador; powerful CV that would impress many a girl.
TVTosin as he is sometimes called has incredible style that stands him out among others, that we know for a fact.

Smart Strategy to Start a Business Right Now.

Quite a brilliant idea when you knock off fear and take a business risk.
For the most part starting your business is really scary but doing it anyway is key.
In this part of the world, young entrepreneurs don't have the best environment or support to get started but we still have recorded alot of successful entrepreneurs the likes of  Aliko Dangote, Mo Abudu,Tara Durotoye, Linda Ikeji these people came and changed the game.
Many people always think Capital is the first thing before starting out but that's where they are wrong.
Here are the most important steps to start

1. Idea
Ever heard of the saying  "Idea rules the world" your idea is your vision.
Have an idea that is a solution to the needs of people it could be rendering services or selling a product.
Think about something others are not thinking about or do something others are doing in a more sophisticated way.
At this stage, capital shouldn't be your focus, value should.

Develop your idea through research and meet with other entrepreneurs to get insight on how to go about it. Observe the market you want to venture into, ask your potential target audience what they would love to see different from other same product and that may be your secret to stand out.