Thursday, May 25, 2017

Things You Must Know As A Cook - Heaven Kalu

Meet Heaven Kalu, a Professional Cook who started off his Career with a Cooking Competition held in Lagos by LG electronics, he made it to the top finals in 2010.
He runs an online page called kitchen Planet on Social Media.
He shares his opinion on things you must know as a cook.

1. Understand The Recipe

Just as every profession has rules, so does cooking. As a cook, you should be familiar with the rules of the kitchen and know your recipe. Many a times, we don't know the grammars in the ingredients list. Please use the dictionary if need be and don't claim you do while you don't.

2. Know The Difference

As a cook, you should know what is suitable for a meal or snack at every given time. Don't use a baking soda in place of a baking powder and don't whip when you are meant to whisk. A cook should understand the method of application for every meal.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Must Read: NYSC A Shadow Of Itself - Unilag Esco "Bayo_Manuel" Laments.

Just after the Biafran war in the early 70s, the National Youth Service Corps was instituted in Nigeria with the aim of uniting young/fresh graduates of different ethnic groups through a purported service to their fatherland.

*Before I proceed I want to use this medium to wish all prospective(Batch A, Stream 1) corp members a safe journey to their respective states of deployments.*

In Libya, before the conspired death of Mamoh Gaddafi, if u were a university graduate, you get trained militarily for one year, this is strictly for your self defense, should you desire to join the military force after that, you were highly welcomed!
You get heavy government grants as a graduate so as to encourage citizens to desire university/tertiary education. Graduates in Libya then were celebrities...

In Nigeria, the budget for each Coper's full kit is #75k, while #500 was budgeted permeal.
Man'O'war officials and soldiers who probably never attended the four walls of any tertiary institution are usually given the mandate to drill fresh graduates, and as such abuse of authority becomes imminent.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What I Think Of Lagos at 50

This Bridge is located on Lagos Island and it's said to be the pride of Lagos..

Lagos @50 the "Centre of Excellence"  Lagos has evolved into a Mega City not just by name but with the level of development.

It's safe to say, we are not exactly like other Mega Cities around the world. There is still a lot to be done , but we are heading that way soon..

Monday, May 22, 2017

5 Health Tips You Must Know Today - Pharm Rozai Onyeka.

1. Drink water, take as much as you want. dont restrict yourself  to 8 glasses daily.

 2. Eat rich appetizing well balanced diet. Not only do your body need all the nutrients from the various food class but also for your  feeding delight. watch ur portion size though.