Thursday, April 20, 2017

Most popular ways Guys Crush on Girls....

1. Guys always come as friends:                  
 "I just want us to be friends nothing more, i like your person, focused, hardworking and Beautiful  "that's how it begins with the innocent comment, "I mean no harm"  line..

2.  Irrelevant calls:
"I just called to say goodmorning.
Well i called to say am in the office.
I saw your photo on instagram so i said to my self,  damn you are so gorgous that's why i called again.. "
Like seriously !!!!!! 😂😂😂

3. Annoying chat:
" Have you drank water?
Have you had breakfast lunch and dinner?
What are you wearing?
Hope your parent are fine?  Like you even know them or have met them..
I miss you, did you miss me?  "
For the most part, that can really piss off the living day light out of one....

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I wrote "Orente" hit song for Simi - Adekunle Gold

Over the past few months, there has been speculations about Falz and Simi's chemistry, Some rumoured they might have a thing going on.

On the flip side Adekunle Gold who also has been in the picture from day one with Simi, has finally given us a lead when a fan asked Simi this morning on Twitter asking if she Inspired  "Orente"  Adekunle Gold's hit track  and  Adekunle himself replied stating that he in fact wrote it for her.

Are you guys thinking what am thinking?  The duo look good together by way and if they decide to make it public and official it would be so nice.. *wink*

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"A day in Kayla's Life" See what wearing white in Lagos cost me ...

I am certain today would be a great day for me...
" I was not going to  allow anything get in my way, " I said to myself silently.

I got out of bed after my morning prayer, but i felt a bit lazy to get things done and leave for work.  well work starts by 10am,  so i decided to switch on the Tv set to keep up with the usual Oyinbo series....

"You would be late for work or are you not going today? It's almost 9am and you yet to have a bath, plus you know how Ojota traffic can be.. biko come and be going"  my brother said....

Monday, April 17, 2017

"Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon" looks like the duo set to become couples again..

Mariah Carey shared photo of herself with
 Ex-husband Nick Cannon and their 5 years old twins Moroccan &  Monroe together on Saturday to Celebate Easter,, they sure look happy and united...

I sense a come back reunion from the former couple  Mariah Carey &  Nick Canon they would make a perfect complete family, this is coming 5months after she split  from Billonaire boyfriend  Bryan Tanaka