Saturday, March 25, 2017

Safety tips for parties....

In a wedding party or public gathering, robbers will
meet the MC to make an announcement of a
particular car with registration number so so and
so, blocking them.
While you go out to move your car, some guys
are waiting outside for you with a gun. They
know you have the keys of your car.
You are then ordered to ride the car out of the
compound with them inside already with you.
Please, Do the following when your vehicle
registration number is being called out at a
social function :

1) Take your time before going out.
2) Don't go out alone, at least in company of two
or more people.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Trending: Eedris Abdulkareem slams 2face for disrespecting Daddy Showkey.

In a recent inter-view with Planet Tv, Eedris Abdulkareem reacted to reports on social media for discrediting 2face idibia for  disrespect to music legend, Daddy Showkey. 
According to him, says there was a plan between the 3 of them to meet in a studio for a song session, and 2face failed to show up and did not acknowledge them by sending a message for his absence, there by causing Showkey to lose money and time. 

Phone device accurately test men sperm fertility

One fact about these oyinbo people, they never seize to experiment, research and create new technologies to replace the old ones, we are just getting used to.

Study shows, a new smartphone technology has an attachment that is wired to evaluate men's semen and determine his level of fertility with up to 85% accuracy. Though this technology is a few years away, it's got a good chance of Posibility ..

This device consist of an eternal accessory in which sperm samples are put on the app to analyzes them, this is an insanely brilliant one, you can run a test in your home, just like the pregnancy test. It's easier and also cheaper.
 Scientist say.

Source: CNN

Katy Perry unveil must see shoe line......

Diva Singer, Katy Perry is at it again has she just unveiled her new shoe line and they look insanely gorgous !!!! Her style is bold definitely a big turn on....

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sprite and Fanta are they safe for consumption in Nigeria?

There has been a major  uproar in Nigeria manufactures of Fanta and Sprite, the Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC), has been ordered by a court to place warning labels on its products, stating that they are harmful to the human body when consumed alongside vitamin C.

The company has appealed against the court says the level of Benzoic Acid are safe and within the levels approved.

Chopped off ear of a man trying to make peace among fighters...

A facebook user by Emenike Iroegbu shared this unpleasant story of how a birthday party turned sore as a young man was trying to make peace, his ear was caught off. 

This happened in Ahaba Imenyi in Isuikwato Local Government Area, in Abia State..

Iroegbu said: “I gathered that trouble started after the event led to a fight. The funny thing is that, the man whose ear was chopped off only came to separate the fight.”
It is yet to be known what weapon was used to chop the ear off.

Laura Ikeji stuns in baby bump new photos

Fashion blogger Laura Ikeji Kanu is expecting her first child with husband former Nigeria footballer, Ogbonna Kanu.... 
She released the new photos on her blog.... 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BBN: Ex Housemate Thin Tall Tony and wife expecting 3rd Child, after much denial of been married...

The family of 4 is set to welcome a new baby,  so reports has it that Thin Tall Tony     his wife are expecting their baby no.3
They already have a Boy named mayson and a girl emmanuella. 

According to an exclusive report from LIB, the dancer and actor is expecting baby number 3 with his wife, Laraba Audi Offiong. TTT, as he is fondly called, was recently evicted from the BBNaija house after a 7-week stay during which his wife was nothing but supportive.

Trending: Drake in new photo with Legendary Singer ' Sade' at his Concert.

Drake posted a photo of himself and two other women, his Mom and Music Royalty Sade on Instagram and captioned it... 
"two most important women in my life"
Drake‘s Concert was graced by Legendary Music Royalty Sade.. and this got the internet buzzing. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Breaking: Vaccine Against Diabetes Has Been Officially Announced - Experts

The whole world is celebrating the breaking News of Diabetes Vaccine, It's been a long awaited discovery for man kind but the wait is over as cure is already here for Diabetes patients. 

Research has it that in the Uk, 1.25 million people suffer from type one diabetes. A vaccine used more than 100 years ago for Tuberculosis (bacillus calmette-guerin) has turned promising when it comes to reversing this disease. These days, medical experts and doctors use the vaccine for treating bladder cancer, means the vaccine is safe.

7 things we learnt from Tonto Dikeh's failed marriage....

1.  Keep your private Life, private, away from social media, that way if your marriage fails you simply do not need to defend your self or wash those dirty linen out. You owe no one public explanation... except you seeking for ATTENTION.  It's annorying.!!

2.  Do not put up with someone you feel you are not compactable with... You do not need to manage anyone, if he/she isin't good enough for you, by all means leave...  Don't do it..!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Must Read: A place in Nigeria that feels like europe.

Somewhere in taraba State called gembu in saduana local government area. Is a place that can be compared to other european countries in terms of the cold wheather. In Nigeria gembu can also be compared to jos, given the temprature we Nigerians especially those of us in Lagos complain about the hot weather, so today we would be discussing about gembu in taraba State.

Taraba State is amongst the northern state sorrounded by mountains, It's local government is hot except for saduana local government and the saduana local government is a torrist attraction..