Saturday, March 11, 2017

Top Male celebrities that Slay in Traditional look...

 We are the go to look book,when it Comes to celebrities and fashion style. We sure have eyes for personalities that brings out the style and class in a sophisticated way.
The Nigerian man, Some times find Styling tough like the women. so when in doubt of style, take a clue from these celebrities and look Stylish...

In no participate order.....

Friday, March 10, 2017

8 things you should know about music artist 'SolidStar'.

In a brief one on one moment with Nigerian hip-hop-Artist Joshua Iniyezo aka "Solidstar" we were able to have an Interesting  conversation about his Life, music and person. But before then, I'd say he has a cool personality and he had Something juicy for us.
SolidStar spoke with kayla's Blog.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

PSquare,flaunts newly acquired multi-million naira mansion.

R&B  duo Paul and Peter Okoye aka Psquare just bought a multi-million naira mansion in Banana Island.. They shared fancy  photos of the mansion on their Instagram page.. Talent Sure pays...

Big Brother Naija reality Tv show Ex Housemate: 'kemen' tender apology for his Action back in the house.

Following  the eviction of kemen
from the Big Brother reality Tv show, he took to his Instagram page and tendered his unreserved apologies for his Action in the house that lead to his eviction.

Read below his apologies.....

Worse domestic punishment ever dared...

A friend shared this with me so I decided to do the same with y'all 😍😍😍
Domestic punishment

I offended my wife and she insisted a million sorries were not enough. I didn't know what to do, so I asked her to choose a punishment she considered satisfactory.

She said I should do all chores for one week. I quickly agreed. That was the worst punishment I served in living memory.

If you think you have patience, wait till your wife leaves you with two kids and goes to gist with a neighbor for hours. One hour seemed like 1 year. Yelling and commanding fell on deaf ears; it was as if the kids conspired with their mother to raise their disturbance to power 2.
I couldn't even take my calls; Facebook update was no-go area; the crying was loud and persistent.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Twitter user slams women over Asoebi group.

Nigerian Twitter user, slams women in a tweet says "if at 23 yrs, you haven't been part of an Asoebi group for a wedding, You Useless".

What's all this Aso-ebi Crazy Behaviour!!
 Do you think the Aso-ebi Trend is a MUST?

ThinTallTony retains Head of house in the BBA Naija.

ThinTallTony Head of house for the second week in a row

 Thin Tall Tony, is making waves in the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality Tv show, due to his bravery. This Made him retain Head of house for the second time. After he Won in the 'golden egg'  contest  involving all Housemates search for a golden egg. 

Robbers disguise as police in S Africa heist

Reports say,  there was a robbery attack  by a group of robbers disguised as police, though no life was lost, But they were able to part away with millions of dollars in different currencies,  estimates vary.

The robbers were said to have driven into a restricted zone and taken containers of cash in Johannesburg international airport in South Africa.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Made in Aba: Uche jumbo becomes Ambassador.

Uche jumbo is the Ambassador for
 'Made in Aba'  which is a Company that produces strictly Made in Nigeria Products. Located in Abia State.

This is a good initiative, simply because we as Nigerians are used to buying foreign Products and we neglect our OWN home Made product.
By having a known public figure as an Ambassador,  It's a step in the right direction, our people will now begin to look in ward and Appreciate how much creativity and passion we have and turn into finished Products.

Aba in Abia State is known for creating VERY good Items... And the people are so involved.
To this end, I encourage you my Lady and guy folks, Let's Buy Made in Nigeria Products.
Let's Grow our Economy.

Please comment on this, what do you think about "Made in Nigeria"?

5 Make-up Mistakes

Today is all about bad beauty, i tune out when i see bad Makeup people Wear. Lagos is a big City and every now and then,  every One is trying to look glam. But not every One is able to get it right. I love Beauty glam, and i have to Make sure i put an effort into it to pull it off nicely except i want to dress up as a vampire.
You don't need to be a Makeup-Artist to know the basics.. Below are reason your Makeup is bad.

1. If your brows are too defined. Except you have to draw your brows bold on because you've over-plucked them, that's one thing, but if you're trying to enhance what you already have, all you need is a light dusting of a brow powder one shade lighter than your brow hair,when you draw your brow so defined they look fake instead of natural.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Daily work-out tips

 Exercise is such an healthy way of living that helps  build your physical fitness, put you in shape. while am thinking and worrying on how i could keep-fit, visiting the gym, doing Some jugging marathon and sit UPs. I figured other ways to work-out with ease. If you have a busy schedule or you also struggle at exercise like me, then these tips are for you..

1. Ignore Elevators
Walking up or down the stairs can be tiring, but that way you born calories.