Monday, October 9, 2017

'Kim Kardashian' In tears as she reveals how Insecure she is about her body.

Kim Kardashian has revealed that she struggles with body dysmorphia and is usually bothered whenever people say negative things about her body.

The mother-of-two was filmed hanging out with friends by a pool on a break in Mexico in April this year when one of her friends showed her a photo of them taken by paparazzi and Kim freaked out. "I don't get it. Like I literally don't look like this," Kim said, saddened by the less-than-perfect photos of her online.

The reality star was filmed on the latest installment of Keeping Up With the Kardashians having a panic attack after discovering the photos. She opened up about being vulnerable to body shamers and said she struggles from body dysmorphia and is so insecure about her body. "You take pictures and people just body shame you," the star told the camera, adding "It’s like literally giving me body dysmorphia."

The mum-of-two went on to say that people assume she's comfortable in her figure, but the truth is "I'm so insecure," she said.

Last night's episode also showed Kim breaking down in tears over security fears. After seeing the photos and realizing that paparazzi had gotten close enough, she began to worry about how safe their location was and it brought back the terrifying Paris robbery incident.

Kim proceeded to call Joe Francis, the owner of the villa where Kim and her females were staying during their short getaway. "How are you, sweetie?" he asks her. "I just have anxiety - are you sure it's safe here?" she cries down the phone while lying on her bed. "Yeah, Kim. I promise you it's safe," Joe reassures her. "Do you promise?" "I promise you it's safe. I have my kids there. It's safe," Joe replies.

As the emotional scenes were aired, Kim took to Twitter to share reaction to breaking down. "It was tough rewatching having panic attach & having anxiety about traveling, but I’m so proud to also show u guys that I’m ok now," she shared.

Kim then admits to the camera that she's still terrified that she'll be robbed again, especially as her clique made such a public entrance when arriving

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