Friday, June 23, 2017

Top 3 Must Watch Movies: Wonder Woman, Isoken & BayWatch.

Yaay it's friday,  a great time to visit the cinema with family, friends and have some fun with some popcorn and drinks to ease off the stress of the week.
If you are a movie lover like me, then your weekend  just got better  with exciting movies you should see, showing across cinemas.

 .  Wonder woman An Action,                       Aventure movie that tells an interresting story of Diana princess of the Amazons and a    trained  warrior. On descovering  her true destiny and full powers  she leaves home to fight a war to end  all  wars. She uses her power to save  the world the best possible way she  could. Check this movie out you         would wish you had super powers to change the world around you.

 . Isoken is a Romantic,Comedy Nigerian Movie that depicts a typical african society  that touches the cultural norms .
Isoken is an unmarried 34year old who is under serious pressure from her family to find a husband. This movie  has an intriguing twist. Find out how she managed the pressure.

 .  Baywatch is an American Action comedy film that tells a story of Mitch Buchannon and his team who in an effort to save a beach  had  to take down  a drug lord. For the most part, you would enjoy every  beat of the action and laff out loud.

Those are the Top 3 Must see Movies we recommend for you to check out this weekend. Enjoy every beat of your moment in the cinema.

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