Saturday, June 24, 2017

Secrets Doctors think you know - Pharm Rozai Onyeka

Let's Seize the moment and  talk Fitness. Fitness apparently is not  all about your physical appearance, it involves a balance between your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well being.
Exactly what your  Doctor would say.

Thus everybody stands to benefit from regular exercise because you exercise to maintain a healthy well being.
Some vital benefit of exercising includes;
1. Boosts happiness level; exercise stimulates the brain chemical responsible for happy mood.

2.Reduces your risk of developing a heart disease; exercise allows oxygen and nutrients to get to the heart enabling it to pump blood efficiently, thus preventing heart diseases.

3. Increase your energy level; exercise allows for a lot of energy generation in the form of heat. During a workout various gases, nutrients and blood are circulated to organs which allows for energy boost

4.Improves flexibility and strength; regular exercise boost your muscle strength and tones the muscles. The stretches during exercise breaks allows for greater flexibility which is good for the joints.

5.Improves immunity; exercise allows you sweat, this sweat carries toxin from inside to the outer surface of the skin and are thus easily washed off.

6. Enables weight loss; exercise allows healthy weight loss by converting fatty cells to muscles. Muscle cells burns more calories than fatty cells

 You don't need to go to a gym before you exercise; a walk, dancing, cycling, a ball game, jogging e.t.c are just what you need to live that healthy life you have always dreamt of.

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