Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Hires Serogate for 3rd Child

Here's what's new with the Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and husband Rap Star Kanye West who have decided to use the services of a surrogate agency to have a third child.
Apparently, it's due to Kim's condition called placenta accreta which "occurs when the placenta attaches too deep in thé uterine wall but does not penetrate the uterine muscle " which is Said to be a life- threathen situation 
TMZ reveals.
The dual agreed to pay monthly installments of $4,500 for 10 months and an extra $5,000 for each additional child in case of more than one interestingly. They  are expected to pay a deposit of $68,850. 

While this seems like a brilliant idea, there has been agreement made, that the surrogate should maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes abstaining from smoking, drinking and the use of drugs. The surrogate is also to abstain from sex for 3 weeks following conception among other conditions.
On the flip side, the agreement places all liabilities of birth abnormalities or defects on Kim and Kanye.says TMZ.

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