Friday, April 14, 2017

My Dad sent me a snapshot of my boobs - Tboss

“The Big Brother house was a place where I was myself. At home I don’t shower with my clothes on,
Usually, in my house, I just walk around naked.”
I never imagined that exposing my breasts would cause a lot of drama on social media,  it wasn’t until i returned my father sent me the viral screenshot that earned her so much criticism.
“He actually did a [snapshot]. He just sent me a picture of myself, and I was like, ‘Oh, Lord!”

When asked  if her father was aware before now that she pierced her nipple, the BBN star expressed mild outrage. “He is now, [but] why would he know about that [before #BBNaija]?”
: . “I can totally recite the National Anthem,” she insisted, “[But] I was under pressure and tired because the whole day, we [were] under the sun, talking. It was a very emotional day and I was really drained. I had a meltdown and it was very very justified.”
I am not worried about the monumental hatred from folks on social media, she waved that away, saying,“No. They will come around.”
Tboss has clarified her comments about spending the N25million in 2 weeks if she won.
_ “I said I have so many projects on ground that I need [the money for]. I don’t have a house. I don’t have a car and I would like to get myself a car. And I have responsibilities. I have 5 godchildren. I have siblings,” she said.
: “By the time I would share this money and  pay tithe and tax."
TBoss said why people do not like her: “I am always misunderstood".
In an interview with Beatfm where she opened up.....

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