Monday, April 10, 2017

Lesson learnt from #bbanaija2017

When you have the attention of the public, be careful what you say and how you talk. Choose your words wisely while still been yourself  well that's  if you wanna be yourself really๐Ÿ˜‰

Tboss earned so much hate when she said 25million means nothing to her and she can spend it in a week! lol like seriously sister
werin come carry u come dey drag d money na .she lost it kpatakpata when she said she has Private jet owners as lame pls...any girl can have that nne..

GIFTY with  her several assents and forming posh with continous do would you gain by saying you don't know a naija celeb that you know been a person in entertainment industry? Yea yea she may not know them all,  but she should know some me. I know just names of some celebs put if i see their pic,i can match it up wt their names but mehn ...
no b wetin naija ask u

THIN TALL TONY...hmmm never play with your family mehn...denying his family on National Tv gained him the hate.
lol Naija no like nonsense

KEmen...wawu! Dont just touch without permission.
but mehn i feel for dat guy.a kainda daint in his reputation!

Generally i learnt you shouldn't  be too comfy with  anybody till you prove their loyalty.. some of these housemates got nominated by housemates they least expected...
yea i know its a game but its obtainable in real Life....

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