Monday, April 24, 2017

12 Things I Have Learnt By Kemi Adetiba...

1.      Work       hard       &     Have your own Money because beauty fades.

2. Believe in Yourself - Invest your dream because every Dream is valid.

3. Put your dream into Action & have a plan.

4. Pay your dues.

5.  You would always have an opportunity. Everybody  in this life gets one, it's left for you to notice and take it. When you get an opportunity take it and knock it off the park.

6. Your work is a business card into the Universe.

7. Focus on your goals -  Operation face your front and mind your business.

8. Surround yourself with like minded people." You are absolutely nothing if no one can look at you and wants to be like you"

9. You have a responsibility to excellence

10. Celebrate your Wins no matter how small it is..

11.  Life happens to you regardless -  it's not how many times you fall.

12.  You have an Obligation to pass it on - have a Mindset to pass it on by...
      - Being  seen doing it
      - Through Mentoring

By Kemi Adetiba

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