Saturday, March 4, 2017

Top 6 wardrobe essentials for ladies.

Trends come and go, your wardrobe speak Volume and been Stylish is the Trend. The mix sometimes is difficult to pull off.  well these piece of style would never go out or wrong. Still having that Street-chic appeal for a day-to-day dressing made easy.
These are the 6  basic wardrobe must have.
1. Bag:
Bags play a vital role on an outfit. it compliments the look aswell as puts all your other stuff together.

2. Flat shoe:
This trend has been through the ages, every now and then your comfort is not negotiable, when blended well with an outfit, it gives you this elegant and Stylish look.

3. Blazer:
When ever i feel the need to look chic, bold,and feel good i always take on my's a semi-official -Stylish look that stands out. You can Wear it ANYWHERE, that's the unique feature.

4. Black dress:
 A chic little black dress(LBD)  is a timeless piece that never goes out of style. The LBD's is safe, budget friendly, you can match it up with any accessory.  wearing it at work or through the night is an added advantage. It helps advoid wardrobe malfunction.

5. Jumsuit:
They are easy-to-wear, comfortable and Stylish. So you worry less about your looks, because you can dress-up or dress-down with a jumpsuit.

6. Jean trouser:
A pear of jean gives you that funki feel, you definitely can't go wrong with this.

This are practical fashion tips for
that perfect worn wardrobe essentials, day-to-day dressing will be infinitely easier.
Have fun getting dressed Beautifully.
I hope you enjoyed this article......

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