Friday, March 3, 2017

Top 5 tips for a great weekend.

Looking forward to the weekend? wala! It's already here. But the irony is..,for most people the weekend starts and ends desame, nothing Extra, nothing Special. So we decided to put together a couple of fun activities to enable you enjoy your weekend.

1. Rest is good 
. I would encourage you to find time to rest the body.  allow your mind to be blank which is difficult or picture a beautiful moment you long to have. Spend one of your days off from work physically and mentally recuperating. 

2. Spend time with family 
The popular saying Family comes first,now is the time to enjoy the Company of family.  share the highlight of your week aswell as the down times with them. By doing so, you bond and do Some catching up.  

3. Go see a movie 
As you know am big on movies, it helps me forget every other thing, am just in another World. you could try seeing a movie at the cinema. I tell you, helps ease off stress.

4. Hangout with firends
Been around friends with good Vibes is a plus. You get to smile, laugh and everything in between *winks*

5. A phone call
 Calling someone you last heard from in a while, does Some magic, you just feel excited, and Trust me that feeling is all you need to get you prepared for a new week.

*Try Something New:
Exercising during the weekend is such a brilliant idea, helps you get your health and mood in a good State, and you’ll live longer, too. If you find yourself putting off your workouts during the week. &
Cooking Something new/laugh thearapy is a bonus. 

This is a very simply way to have a great weekend and getting into a new week feeling refreshed. 
Have a great weekend Guys.......


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