Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Made in Aba: Uche jumbo becomes Ambassador.

Uche jumbo is the Ambassador for
 'Made in Aba'  which is a Company that produces strictly Made in Nigeria Products. Located in Abia State.

This is a good initiative, simply because we as Nigerians are used to buying foreign Products and we neglect our OWN home Made product.
By having a known public figure as an Ambassador,  It's a step in the right direction, our people will now begin to look in ward and Appreciate how much creativity and passion we have and turn into finished Products.

Aba in Abia State is known for creating VERY good Items... And the people are so involved.
To this end, I encourage you my Lady and guy folks, Let's Buy Made in Nigeria Products.
Let's Grow our Economy.

Please comment on this, what do you think about "Made in Nigeria"?

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