Monday, March 6, 2017

Daily work-out tips

 Exercise is such an healthy way of living that helps  build your physical fitness, put you in shape. while am thinking and worrying on how i could keep-fit, visiting the gym, doing Some jugging marathon and sit UPs. I figured other ways to work-out with ease. If you have a busy schedule or you also struggle at exercise like me, then these tips are for you..

1. Ignore Elevators
Walking up or down the stairs can be tiring, but that way you born calories.

2. Stand on your feet
If you are trapped in your office seat, stand on your feet for 10-15mins to stretch  your muscles.

3. Walk up and down around the house,
Cook while standing, Changing of Tv Channels the old fashion way, without the remote.

4. Pick up Items with  weight every now and then, if you can stroll back home from work or school Please do,It's helpful.

I hope these tips are useful. Be concious of your Health and wellness Always. Make excercise a part of your daily routine.

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