Thursday, March 2, 2017

Story on Religion: how it affects love and marriage.

Dear Reader,

     My name is Musa Bello, a muslim and i live in Lagos.This is my true Confession.
I drive okagada for a living.
I have a girlfriend presently, who is ibo and she's catholic and i am confused about my
relationship with her in terms of Religion.

 We are both crazy in love. She visits my house frequently, does house chores for me cooks for me and satisfies me in bed...
But how can i marry her in the church when i  am a Muslim? .

 I havin't quite trashed the wedding bells matter with her and that's one thing i  want to know. Because i Am confused.

 In summary the question is: I am a male Muslim in love with my Igbo girlfriend and she's Catholic. I don't know how she or her people will handle our very different religions, so pls what should I do?

I want to marry her bcos I love her and she loves me. How can I get married to her successfully?

*Please i need help on the Right steps to take, your Advice would mean alot to me, drop them on the comment section. *

Musa Bello.



  1. Musa,your village no get girls?*lolz* My brother, no one can give you a good advice on this matter. Pray too your God for directions and wisdom

  2. Convert to her religion na or u ask her tp convert to urs..simple!

  3. Whew... This is one big fix! Just get over it, I mean there a4 other fishes in the sea or you do a court wedding. Or both mosque and church weddings.


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