Friday, March 10, 2017

8 things you should know about music artist 'SolidStar'.

In a brief one on one moment with Nigerian hip-hop-Artist Joshua Iniyezo aka "Solidstar" we were able to have an Interesting  conversation about his Life, music and person. But before then, I'd say he has a cool personality and he had Something juicy for us.
SolidStar spoke with kayla's Blog.

1. The name Solidstar was given to him by his late grand Mom, who he said usually called him a Star.

"my name is Joshua Iniyezo aka 'Solid star'  i Am from Delta State, I have been singing since i was 8 but started proffessionally 4years back.'
 "Yes yes na mi shaba'"  he introduced.

2.  Solidstar's Mentors are Legendary Music Artist 2face idibia, R-kelly and kelvin little.  Just 3mentors  One would hope he had so many. Moving on.......

3. Solidstar spends 4 hours on Social Media in a DAY.

"let me calculate,  eyes rolling...
I'll say 4hours,  don't give your all to social media, have time to do other things he Adviced.. "

4.  SolidStar is Single and not ready to mingle.

5.  Solidstar likes his privacy and would not be caught eating out.
" you no fit see me chop outside, you understand so, every food nah food "

6.  Solidstar would have been a footballer if he wasin't singing... Because, just as he loves music so dearly, Football was his first love.

" e for b football o, football matter con dey tey, na wetin i suppose do, But music came. I like to try Something, and i try music and i never even record song,  them don sign me.  You understand, that's how music worked for me.. "

7.  Solidstar can perform for free at this stage of his Career. He does it for charity and other valid course.

8. Expect alot from Solidstar this year 2017, It's going to be one of his busiest year.. Travels, Tours  and Collaboration..
Y'all watch out..!!!

*. Solidstar  says to the Up-Coming Artist, don't depend on nobody, the little you can, do.  Impress somebody, you can't just sit down and say o, I have this.

Well i hope you were able to relate with his person, music, style and you enjoyed reading and getting to know him better.....

by Kayla............


  1. Big fan of Solidstar.... Bigup Kayla

  2. like him though, i wish he's ready to mingle. chai see dat chest
    keep it up kayla
    not to forget, am in love with shaba


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