Tuesday, March 7, 2017

5 Make-up Mistakes

Today is all about bad beauty, i tune out when i see bad Makeup people Wear. Lagos is a big City and every now and then,  every One is trying to look glam. But not every One is able to get it right. I love Beauty glam, and i have to Make sure i put an effort into it to pull it off nicely except i want to dress up as a vampire.
You don't need to be a Makeup-Artist to know the basics.. Below are reason your Makeup is bad.

1. If your brows are too defined. Except you have to draw your brows bold on because you've over-plucked them, that's one thing, but if you're trying to enhance what you already have, all you need is a light dusting of a brow powder one shade lighter than your brow hair,when you draw your brow so defined they look fake instead of natural.

2.  If Your foundation doesn't match your skin tone, and your head is a different color from the other body part.  Its a No signal you not getting it right. So we advice you avoid any lines of demarcation between your face, neck, and chest. Take note when applying your foundation make sure your ear is not left out.

3.  If you notice your under-eye concealer is too light. There are differences between subtly brightening your under-eye area and making it glow in a bad way. Cancel out any darkness with a peach-toned concealer (this shade is universally flattering and helps cancel out blue tones). Then, top it with a liquid concealer that contains light reflecting particles and matches your skin tone perfectly. Apply a translucent powder that's fresh if you under-eye is breaking.

4.  If you don't blend properly and apply your bronzer and blush on the right area,it's a turn off. So you look more chiseled, but not in a good way. shading your skin seamlessly is a plus.

5. If your false lashes look so false. We advice  you get them professionally done and if you want to using a full strip, apply the band of lashes as close to your lash line as possible, once they dry, apply eyeliner over it.

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*Enough of bad Makeup beauty ladies, It's time to step up. Make sure you get the right shade when you're out shopping, swipe a sample of the product over your jawline to see if it blends before purchase.

Image credit:mocha-makeup.blogspot.co/jackobian.com

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