Tuesday, February 21, 2017

8 Signs Of Depression #HealthTuesday 1

In our present day and Age where Celebrities show off perfect love-Life, Career success,Sexy bodies and Material acquisition on the "Social Media" It's so not easy for anyone who is yet to attain success in any area of their Lives to be fulfilled. Truth be Told,  "Social Media" paints a perfect World of people living free of Depression.

1. You become withdrawn; from people, Event and the Society.

2. You Sleep or Eat too Much.
3. You feel worth less.
4. You feel the World is Against you.
5. You cry Uncontrollably.
6. You get Agitated with people
7. You quit Trying To Achieve Anything

8. You feel Suicidal: this is the most scary part, the moment you don't feel the need and reason to live. You just want to leave this World that makes you feel unsafe UNHAPPY.

Well i have been Depressed before and it was really hard for me,so i can relate if you going through that at the moment. You not alone and you can have a stable Well Being.
Next Article on #Health Tuesday Next week, ill be sharing  Tips on how to get Rid of Depression..

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