Sunday, February 26, 2017

5 Ways to Blend Ankara into Contemporary Styles

African prints are a popular trend, with their vibrant colors and creative patterns, its no wonder why people love them. Here are some tips on how to give your Ankara outfits a modern and contemporary look.

  •  Combine your Ankara print fabric with other fabrics(Satin, Polyester, etc) to create an hybrid style. These can be used for cocktail dresses, mini dresses and many more.
  • Choose translatable styles. Its not just picking a modern style and forcing the Ankara fabric to work with it. Certain modern styles are more suited to Ankara prints than others.

  •  Earth colored Ankara fabrics are better for making formal dresses as opposed to really loud vibrant ones.
  •  When possible, try to incorporate the pattern of the Ankara fabric into element of your clothing design. This gives a more integrated design.
  • Strike a balance, if you're going all Ankara make sure its a design you can easily get away with(e.g. a mini dress, skirt & crop top, etc). Or better still try to integrate other fabrics or accessories, so as to give a diverse feel.
credit: Amaka Omoge, CEO Living Urban Culture

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